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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The reason I am poor...

Is because I buy too many books and too much music.
But it's worth it.

When I was a kid (keep in mind I was and still am a fairly fucked up person) books were my friends. I always had one around and I devoured them sometimes Three at a time. I loved Alice in Wonderland, Through the Lookingglass, The Neverending Story, Little women, Anne of Green Gables, The secret garden... And NARNIA! how I loved Narnia...
Then in fourth grade I became obsessed with Zilpha Keatly Snyder Books. Witches of Worm, Egypt Game, The Headless Cupid, Libby on Wednesdays etc. It makes me sad that kids don't read these anymore. They're masterpeices of childrens literature.
Fifth grade: Hamlet( I was just trying to keep up with Bonnie, something I'm still trying to do to this day) , Harry Potter (I was the first person to get a hold of this in my school), Island of the Blue Dolphins, And The Oz series by L. Frank Baum (I bet you didn't know there were 14 of them!).
Sixth Grade was The redwall books, Winter of Fire, Jane Eyre, Some book about dragons that I can't recall the title of but I checked out of the library once every 2 months. His Dark Materials! I almost for got those!
Seventh Grade I honestly can't recall what I read besides discovering Jane Austen...
Eighth grade was a huge explosion for me : Gormenghast, Nietzsche, Ovid, The Fountainhead, Bell Jar (mom forbade me to read it, so I did), Being There, Anne Rice etc. It was my Goth Period (betcha didn't know that, eh guys?). I felt I hadn't learned anything in school, so I decided to pursue my education in my own way.

It's rather tragic how little time I have for reading now. I'm consumed by Homework, and Human drama, that my true education has slowed to a retarded snail's pace. I try to get in as much as I can, but it's very difficult.


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