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Monday, March 05, 2007

It's not easy being Green meme

1. What quality about you makes you stand out from the crowd? I don't really stand out. I'm quiet in large groups, but In very small groups I'm quite animated. Oh, and the spaghetti thing.

2. Which muppet can you most relate to?I didn't see too much of the muppet show as a kid, so I really can't identify a specific one. I hate Miss Piggy though. Ego-centric bitch.

3. If you had to paint your whole body one color what color would it be? A deep soul blue.

4. What is your favorite green thing? Maple leaves in the summer.

5. Do you believe that green M and M's are aphrodisiacs? Bullshit. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, not the stupid green coating. hey, you know what I miss? The tan M&Ms. I don't like the blue ones, they seem so unfriendly.

6. Have you ever eaten frog legs? No, but they are sold at the Milwaukee Bastille Days festival. So in case I get a hankering for some grenouille, I know where to go. Ya know the triplets from The Triplets of Bellville liked their froggies, so why don't I?

7. Is there anything frog-like about you? My personality is kind of toad-like. It's ugly, yet fascinating so you just keep staring. Yeah, I know that toads and frogs are different, I'm not a moron.

8. If your loved one were a frog would you become a frog too to be closer to them or would you keep hoping they turned human for you? I would except them as what they are. If I loved someone, I don't expect them to change for me, and they wouldn't expect me to change for them. Nothing wrong with trans-species love. Trans-species sex is kinda wrong.


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