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Sunday, March 25, 2007

This week has been surreal

I can't believe how quick this week has gone by. I had a crazy time, which I'll get around to writing about in the near future. I have never met so many great and crazy people all in one place (not including Dave's place, of course).


I ran into this one guy I had briefly met over the summer strumming a banjo and wearing a large farmers hat outside of the IIT building. No joke.

Almost missing and missing my connections, which was less than ideal, needless to say.

Meeting up with people heading in the same direction and hanging out the entire way.

Barbequeing at IIT, with Grill Master Adam at the helm.

Discovering that there AREN'T any quiet places in Chicago. Period.

Wishing I could stay longer.

The Bean.

Emotional turmoil.

Sex, drugs and Socrates: guess which one I participated in.

Getting a personal bass guitar performance.

Getting angry at public transportation and drunk people.

Paying way too much to feed one of my addictions.


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