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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Totally Unpaid Promo: My Favorite Radio Stations

But if you want to pay me, that's cool too.

From the immense amout of time I spend driving, I also search for good radio stations to jam to. I'm from the area South of Milwaukee, North of Chicago and East of Madison, so I can pick up every radio station from those three cities.

My Favorite Madison Station: 89.9 WORT (The Wort). This station's schedule is just CRAZY. You could be listening to some Blues one hour and then tuning into The Hmong Hour the next. But their Rock line up is stellar. My personal Favorite is 'Psychoacoustics with the Reverend Velveteen and Crew' including 'The Hour of Slack and The Church of the Sub-Genius.' The Rev. V. plays obscure bands most the time, although recently she did a show dedicated to modern Showtunes. The Wort doesn't tell it's DJs what to play, and so you get an awesome variety of music, espescially with their late-night shows. These start right after bar-close, so it's meant to be listened to while intoxicated.

My Favorite Chicago Station: 93.1 WXRT. Typically plays rock, though often mixes it up with Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop, and Blues. Teri Hemmert's 'Breakfast with the Beatles' is what I put on at work before opening. Lin Bremer's 'Lin's Bin' answers listeners burning questions with an expertly put together 5 minute spot. I get this as a Podcast, seeing as I am currently living in the NW of the state. The DJs are given a bit more freedom than most get at other stations, which is an enormous plus. The FCC limitations on DJs are ridiculous, I think the censorship on most things are out of porportion.

Honorable Mention: 97 WDRV (The Drive)

My Favorite Milwaukee Station: 91.7 WMSE. Supported by MSOE, This station plays a huge variety of music, though not as schizo in it's tastes as The Wort. I particularly dig Hip Hop Wednesdays. This is the station for my dad developing a taste for Hip Hop.

Honorable Mention: 88.9 WYMS (Radio Milwaukee). This used to be a really terrible Jazz station, but has recently switched formats for the better.


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