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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cas, You Look Like Allen Ginsberg

I bought tickets to see The White Stripes in October yesterday. I'm going with my dad and I can't wait. I must remember to book a bus ticket to Chicago in Oct. I'll end up missing some Monday classes, but it is well worth it. I can't believe Tory said he hated the Stripes. He must be crazy.

I want to travel to India. Go to an ashram for a while, join a commune, yell at those bastards from tech support who give fake names as if we can't tell that we got patched through to Mumbai.

Hung out with Adam, the Maggies, and two-guys-whose-names-I-can't-remember on thursday night at the cafe. I think Maggie One has a crush on me. Found out that I have been taking the long way to McHenry for about three weeks. Sadly missed the Bizzarre Bazaar today because I had to drive my little sister to Salem. Talked to GriM once again about a tattoo and he's drawing up sketches. Yay! My parents will kill me! That thought just makes me smile!

Saw "Knocked Up" Wednesday with Mike. I highly reccommend it! It made me laugh so hard I was crying and made me want to have children even less. I enjoy mine and Mike's Losers' Club meetings thoroughly.

Oh yeah, To explain the title: One of the cooks at Kona Cafe, Cas, has been growing his beard out. It's crazy long now and will probably catch fire when he's cooking if it hasn't already. He also wears a beret most days that makes him look like Allen Ginsberg. And because he looks like that, I now want to fuck him. You know you're an English nerd when you want to fuck a guy who looks like a dead gay poet.


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