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Friday, June 08, 2007


I'm back from EC now, and how I miss it. I got to see my roomies, Dave and Jessie, Victoria and even Dakota. I wish I was still there, but I don't have a job up there. I hate my current job, I'm thinking of quitting a month earlier than I had intended and moving up north.

Some people think a four hour drive is too much but I don't think of it as driving hell, I think of it as a four-hour music listening extravaganza! I've discovered that I'm happiest when I'm somehow in trasition. There is something about being in location limbo that is very soothing to me. Driving and walking are the two things that calm me down no matter what. Though some are annoyed by my dissappearing acts (namely my parents), they are essential to my being.

Shout out to Noah! Have fun!


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