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Thursday, July 12, 2007

weekend recap

The trouble with workingin food service is that your "weekends" are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, not on the weekend. I got off of work early on Monday and so went to Cafe Aeon to start off my weekend. Had a lovely time, chatting with Maggie and observing a bizzare card game which still confuses me, even though it was explained several times.

I went to Chicago yesterday, intending to go to the MCA, but ended up hanging out with the Devil. I feel that we're in a better place, where we can be actual friends without any drama. We ended up walking 20 extra blocks when trying to get to a friend's apartment to feed their cats. Oooo...exciting, I know!

Today, my friend Chason gave a talk at the Lake Geneva Buddhist Center. He was in town from Santa Fe because of the Tool concert at Summerfest, and to see family. He's a travelling teacher of DW Buddhism, and so lectured at the centers in Milwaukee and LG. He looks like a skateboarding frat boy now, which I find very amusing because you wouldn't figure someone who appears that way has their Master's degree in Eastern religions and is going for their doctorate.

We went to a bar after the meditation session, and I immediately got carded. My dad was with me, but they were still being pricks about it. But, it was great to hang out with those guys again. Chason is one of the friendliest guys you could ever meet, and his girlfriend, Emily, is an absolute sweetheart. I looked up to Chason a lot when I was younger, he encouraged me to expirience life to the fullest and not let any thing hold me back. I still look up to him, but now I view him as a real person, not just an ideal.

Listening to: The Mountain Goats. First Impression: mediocre. Now: It grew on me, I think it's pretty good.


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