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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cloudy Days

Feeling a little down, so I'm reading the Fart Party. Julia's boozing ways always make me crack a smile, except when I go back and read the Oliver comics. They make me wish my boyfriend was around to be a nerd with. 5 more days.

I'm so glad I live with Romina, she's probably the most adorable roommate ever. She loves to wash dishes! I would never have known Milwaukee has a salsa club if it wasn't for her. I'm terrible at it, but usually the dance partner is ok being patient, and helps me along. I find I enjoy the music too. I'm frustrated sticking to the salsa step; I want to dance how I want to! I'm starting to hear the diffference between Latin American accents. Romina's Argentinian spanish sounds like a lyrical, bouncy italian. There's lots of 'zh' sounds that replace the normal 'y' sound. She says the word extrano often, which apparantly means strange. I hope she isn't talking about me.

Oh man, I totally want empanadas now. Can't get those on the eastside, unfortunately. The one cuisine that we don't have on Brady street.

I had some vrai the maroc the other night. Our couchsurfer was from Casablanca, and carried his own tea kettle with him. We took him to Casablanca the restaurant, there was much menu confusion. It is Morrocan owned, but covers the whole of middle eastern cuisine. We discussed camels at great length. They, according to Farid, make great eating.


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