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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years?

Well, Bah Humbug, Boys and Girls. Another fucking year down the tube, and we're all supposed to go out and celebrate it, eh? I'll be at home, drinking myself stupid and making a quiche, which will be more like a frittata because I'm scared of making pie crust. So I might as well give you the obligatory run through of the year before I pass out spread eagle on my living room floor.

Jan: Threw a fabulous New Years' party and kissed a queer ginger named Justin at midnight, woke up the next morning with a horrific hangover.

Feb: Moved out of that hellish apartment, moved in with an Argentine. Spent my brithday depressed, went out with a random couchsurfer, a co-worker whom I hardly knew, and Adam. Ended up paying for Adam's drinks the whole night.

March: Finally said "I love you" to Brian. Totally worth it.

April: It was cold. I drank a lot.

May: Spent two glorious weeks in DC, and have now seen every museum there. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all there is.

June: Sat on Jamie's porch and drank.

July: Sat on Jamie's porch and drank.

August: Sat on Jamie's porch and drank. Discovered I actually like mushrooms, despite the minor allergic reaction they give me. Food Phobia, conquered!

Sept,Oct,Nov: went to class almost regularly for a change. Had Swine flu.

Dec: Stressed myself out too much.

There ya go! Swell year, eh? Now leave me alone. I plan on being unconscious by ten.