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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annoyance continues

My roommate Anne is transferring to the U for spring semester, so we have been trying to find someone to sublet her room. It shouldn't be a difficult task, our house is cute and it's cheap. Two people were seriously interested in the place. I was supposed to show one of them around on Tuesday, but she never showed up. She had sent me an e-mail, which I didn't receive until a half-hour after she was supposed to have arrived letting me know that she had just signed a lease. The second girl is a transfer student from UM-Duluth, and was here today to register for classes at CVTC. The only time she could meet was directly after registration, at 11. So, I skipped my only class of the day in order to meet with her. And she never showed up. Didn't even send me an e-mail to apologize, nor did she call me. I made time to show her around our nice apartment, and she blew me off.

Hannah, if you ever find this and read this,
Fuck off, I do not want to live with someone as rude and irresponsible as you.


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