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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Vacuum + Pie =

One Bitchin' Sunday.

Sometimes the most mundane days are the funnest...

I was awoken this morning by my alarm clock, which for normal person is no big deal. But it was a tad odd because I have not been able to make it ring for about a week. I don't know exactly what Dylan did to it, but he certainly did quite a number on it.

Surprised by the miraculously healed alarm clock, I dragged my ass out of bed (no mean feat, mind you). It was a dreary, depressing morning. I have been sick for nearly a week, and not in the greatest of moods. Amber had overslept and missed church service, so she and I made eggs for breakfast. We then cleared off the coffee table and proceeded to work on our papers that are due in the morning (Mine is not done yet-- that is to say, not started yet). I actually have fun writing english papers, I think its a superb challenge and shitloads of entertainment. That's why I'm an English major.

When Lucy awake she made muffins, and we formulated a grand plan. And so, still in my robe and Jammies, we struck out on VacuumQuest. The vacuum we had hardly worked, and actually made the mess worse. It is ancient, donated to us by Lucy's grandmother. But, hey-- It was free, right? And the vacuum we picked up: Glorious! When we got it home we assembled it and gathered around as each of us took our turn vacuuming. It's awesome, no lie.

Once we bought the vacuum, We swung by Norske Nook and bought ourselves a Raspberry Creamcheese Pie. Now, this pie, this $30 pie, is amazingly gigantic and amazingly delicious. It is 12" in diameter and 4" deep. Amazing.

Lucy and I went to see the Korean film "The Host" at Davies theatre. It was one of the best, most riveting film I have seen in a long time. Most movies, I start to wonder what time it is about half way through, but I did not waver with this one. I love how the skipped the grand exposition, any scientific explanation, and had minimal dialogue, to find such humor and great character development. And damn, those asians love their revenge tragedies, don't they? That's ok, because I do too.

Sundays like this don't happen too often, when you can just have fun being as nerdy as you really are, be in your PJs all damn day, and be excited about a vacuum. Anyone who needs constant entertaintment is missing out on the best thing in the world : Being yourself.


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