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Sunday, September 30, 2007

wait, what?

So, as you all know, I have been stealing internet for about a month. Last week, it quit working. I figured they had gotten wise to me, and started protecting the network. But now the internet has inexplicably started working again. I have been feeling lost sans internet. I couldn't listen to Psychoacoustics and I had to hand-type CD track names.

Oh isn't life so fucking difficult? This attachment to electronics is getting out of control. Didn't anybody else's mother tell them to go play outside? Go for a walk? You're told as a kid to use your imagination, but I think maybe all this constant information is ruining our brains. Attention spans are decreasing dramatically. Nearly everyone in Eng348 admitted to only being able to read a few pages at a time before having to take a break. I have been working on 'Gargantua and Pantagruel' since the end of July, because I just can't concentrate. This trend is showing up in music too. When AJ and I do the Morning Show, the Top Ten is supposed to take us two hours to get through and we're done in forty-five minutes. The average song length is about two and a half minutes. Magazine articles are less than two pages.

Speed is a virtue in this American Society, fast is the name of the game. So, I am going to lead by example.

Go for a walk.
Listen to NPR or an independent station.
Read a book.
Cook a meal without using mixes.
Make something out of pipe cleaners and googly eyes.
Go to a museum.


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