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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back In Your Head

Hey, folks. The Neurosis Queen is back. The only legit reason I have for not writing is the lack of internet at the Llama House, for me at least. I have been stealing the nieghbor's internet for the past month, and it has all of a sudden stopped working. It's my fault for not getting NRDave to set my computer to access the right network, but it's also the nieghbors fault for not protecting their network.

I can't really say what has happened in the past week, because I can't remember. I remember some of Monday because I did my first show, and I remember watching Boondock Saints sometime. Other than that, it's a total blur. I wish I could blame it on spending the week drunk, but I can't. The days blend together in one featureless blue blur. I hardly remember going to classes. Drudgery is swallowing me up feet first. I can see my body disappear slowly into its mouth, to stupified to sream or claw my way out. It's grendel's mother, the nastiest motherfucker on earth. It's consuming my memories, my emotions. I hardly felt any panic before my under-prepared speech today. Even my face is numb, like it gets after a few drinks. Where is joy? Where is terror?


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