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Monday, August 06, 2007

Education Crisis

As I go on, I am seeing less and less sense in staying at university. I have to go through many pointless classes that just suck time and money, I am going for an entirely useless degree, and the more classes I take, the more my love of learning wanes. I don't even know why I am going for a degree, anyhow. Why is it so important? I'm already more learned than most people I encounter on a daily basis. The classes we take are just brief surveys, we don't even dig into the subjects we are being taught. How can anyone be "prepared" for life with what we're given at university? Students often spend more time coming up with creative ways to blow off class than they spend learning. I am so torn as to what I should do. I love being an english major, and I don't want to give it up, but there is so much bullshit involved that I find myself drowning in mediocrity.

Plan 1: finish out this year at Eau Claire, loading up on english classes (because there is nought else that I am good at), transferring to Shimer for a year and taking only the classes that interest me and telling them to fuck themselves with their GE program, and seeing where to go from there.

Plan 2: also finishing out this year, and then spending a year travelling the world.

Plan 3: " , Transferring to U of M and finish my English degree there and take advantage of their Humanities minor.

Plan 4: Staying at Eau Claire and try to finish my degree as swiftly as possible, THEN travel the world.


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