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Thursday, October 04, 2007


I love radio, in particular independent stations. Among these stations is 89.9 WORT out of Madison. The greatest show of all time is broadcast on this station, Psychoacoustics and the Hour of Slack. I would likely die if I did not have my weekly communion at the Church of the Subgenius. It is so amazing, so wonderful, it speaks to my soul. I aspire to have a radio show as good as the one of Rev. Velveteen, Fr. Angus and Bad Sister Heidi, they are my DJ idols (runner-up: Marcus Doucette of 88Nine in Milwaukee).

In the maximalist novel, Infinite Jest, the author describes a radio program called 60 Minutes +/-. This show is run by Madame Psychosis who reads her poetry over random beats and distorted conversations.

I want to do a show entirely of randomly recorded conversations. Trivial, deep, I don't care. It is my dream. I must do this.


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