Perils of assimilation

If only life came with subtitles.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Now, I usually try to steer away from writing about my "personal life," to respect people's privacy and because I think it makes poor reading. But there's something that's been a persistant presence in the back of my mind that I think I would feel better about if I wrote about it. So bear with the emo-ness.

Now, I have this amazing guy in my life, who's funny, charming, kind, great in bed-- pretty much everything I want in a partner. He's starting a new job at the Center for American Progress on Monday, what he calls an "adult job".

What does this phrase mean: adult job? Is the measure of our Adultness how we make our money? Will I never be an adult because I can never get a job in my field that measures up to this standard? My mother works four different jobs, none of them that could be considered in the world to be professional. Is she not an adult? Will I not measure up to his standard anymore once he starts this job? Will the economic gap be to great to overcome? Everyone knows I have class issues, and this will probably be more of a problem for me than it will for him, that's something I'll deal with in time.

But, what if I don't fit in with this new paradigm? Will the fact that I'm still in school and working for minimum wage pose a problem?


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