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Thursday, July 20, 2006

American Masters

Last Night, I eagerly awaited the 'American Masters' special on Marilyn Monroe. I had seen the one on Judy Garland last week after painfully long rehearsals. let me tell you, after that, I went from liking Judy to Loving Judy. she is so fuckin' awesome, and the shit she went through in her life... it just blew me away.
So, you would figure that the one on Marilyn would be just as good, right?

uh... No.

It wasn't about her, It was about her pictures. The introduction made me lose faith in 'American Masters.' It LITERALLY said that she was not a person, but just a pretty face. What the fuck, people? Her life isn't important? What about her acting? It gave the sketchiest of outlines about her life. I was disappointed. I was later fulfilled with get this... a filler piece about her and Dimaggio. It, in a half an hour, told me more about her than the awful previous program.

But, 'American Masters' redeemed itself with a special about James Dean.

His acting is so amazing, he was so damn vulnerable.
And 'East of Eden'... oh my god. I Will say one thing: I HATE HATE HATE Steinbeck, but I adore this movie.


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