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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Family History

So Last Night I asked my Father about our family History. He went and Dredged Up a family tree. It's amazing how far back it Goes. The Earliest person listed was Born in roughly 1580. Also, We are Direct descendants of Stephen Burr, the First President of Princeton, who was also the (brother or Uncle) of Aaron Burr, you know, the Guy that shot Alexander Hamilton. Also, the Hahns were one of the founding Families of Woodstock, Ill. This is all on My Dad's Father's side of the Family (I've never met him, so It feels weird calling him Grandpa). His Mom's Side came form Edinburgh. But She claimed that she was adopted and that she was Native American/Polish. Unfortunatly, the orphanage burned down and also the Courthouse. So the Only way to find out the truth is to have Genetic Testing Done. I can believe that she was adopted, but I'm paler than ghost, so i doubt the Native American thing.
I know nothing about Grandpa's Family, only that He's English and German. Nana's completely Irish, Her Father Jumped on the First Boat he saw to avoid Joining the Irish Army. Which is a damn cool story if you ask me.
I'd Like to thank my Wisconsin History Teacher, Piper, For getting me interested in my heritage. I Really want to Travel out east To collect some Grave Rubbings, and also to Ireland and Scotland to see what I can Dig up there.


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