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Monday, September 18, 2006

Question 1

What do you most desperately seek?

I asked about 30 (mostly random) people on myspace this question and here are the responses:

Lucifer: to many ways, in many places, with many people, in many situations...i would not know how to answer your question, other than to live it, i suppose i'll say

Tymmi: yellow pants

Daydreamer: Good effing question. Maybe I will have an answer one day when I figure out the point of me being on this earth is.

…a deeper form of light: hm.. acceptance.

Let’s make love & listen to death from above: Love, sex, money, happiness, knowledge, beauty, power, alcohol, talent... I don't know. I guess enlightenment and all the things that surround it.

Onna: Enlightenment

Cady: Mail!

Quetzal: immediate: healing; long term: life experience

Brandon: Thats kind of a vague question. I dont think I really despereatly seek anything in particular. Friends, happiness, someone I can care for. Those are the things I want in life. I dont know if thats the answer you were hoping/looking for but for such a vague question, its the only one I can really give.

Why It: ya know, I'm gonna have to give that some honest thought. I mean, I could blurt out some off the cuff bit of verbal crap, as I usually do, but now, I'm wondering that myself.

Firas: Happiness, of course.

Anthony: Hm, depends.
On Earth? Meaning.
Who I am, what I stand for, what my purpose is, what my saviour intends for my life.
In general? I desperately seek God. I want nothing more to stand in front of him and finally feel whole, blessed, complete, in awe.
There's so many things I could answer to what you had asked because there are so many levels of life that you can't just generalize that question..
I desperately seek many things in different aspects of my life.
spiritual, guidance, love, romance, future, present..
there's just tons. Hopefully I didn't let you down by any means and you weren't expecting some vivid, artistic and clever reply.

InfiniteAhronZombiLove: infinite love. why who are you?


“Me”: I am and always have been seeking the meaning of my own reflection. I look into it and think about many things, but the question that most often pops into my head is that if man was created in the image of god can one look into themselves and find god in there hearts no matter what?

William: good question..
i desire attention! and lots of money..
call me greedy.. but u know u wud love that too !

Posted War: Lets see what I desperately seek the most. AIR like the rest of us human beings stuck on this planet. :)
I'm not selfish. So I do not desire fashionable clothing, designer jeans or shoes. I also need to know exactly why you would randomly ask a stranger what they most desperately seek.

Digital: for you to never write to me again.

Chrissy: wow...what a question. i have no clue how to answer that.

Shaw: Hmm...
That is a tough question that has probably changed as I have gotten older. I used to want peace and happiness but I've realized that is just selfish. So now I just want to understand God's love. And I don't mean that in a cheesy way. I mean that in a way that will revolutionize me and everyone around me.
What about you?


Caley Boy!: hmmm...contentness. In many ways, but which one in particular. Part of me wants a g/f.
But, I want too much out of love.
i'm looking for some kind of perfection.
Not just with physical beauty, that's too shallow...they need depth too.
I want someone who understands my love for music and won't cheat on me if I'm on the road with music for months at a time.
I want someone who will always hear me out, won't grow tired of me just because I'm not doing some fucking parlor trick for them.
Basically, I'm asking for too much...but it's nice to dream right?
What do YOU most desperately seek?

Ducasse: I used to look for enlightenment. Now I'd rather just find a reason to be happy.

Heather: Difficult to pinpoint, but overall I guess...feeling. Something other than apathy, which is pretty rampant in my life.

Loki: transcendence and pain. it's contradictory and unconcious, but I think that's what it boils down to. i'm addicted to misery, but I constantly try to escape it.

.little stormer.: cool fuckin people. or at least people who get me. and just happiness in itself.


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