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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Favorite moments of '07

After arriving at Lila's place after an eight hour bus ride, sitting around the Godot table singing along to "Me & Bobby McGee."

Almost getting arrested and ending up in Greektown.

Hanging out at Cafe Aeon after work.

Biking 40 miles while relearning how to actually ride a bike.

Partying with complete strangers.

"I jus' snatched yo' puppy, be-otch"

Going for 3am walks with Jess.

Talking about "Crime & Punishment" with gypsies.

Being the only sober person on the El during St. Patrick's Day.

Being loved by the best and worst guy for me.

Talking to Adam without actually conversing.

Getting twenty "Happy Birthday" calls.

Blowing off Math class to play at the park.

Moving into the Llama House.

Changing my major to English.


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