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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hate It Here

I don't have any clue why I'm in Eau Claire. I got accepted to every school in Wisconsin excluding Madison, and I came here. I didn't look at the campus, I didn't look at course offerings, I didn't even know about the textbook rental deal. I closed my eyes and picked one. And I'm thinking that this was a mistake. I put much stock into the random bits of life, but this one was wrong. I shouldn't be here.


  • At December 19, 2007 9:41 AM , Blogger Dr. Zombie said...

    I've been to Eau Claire. One of my best friend started private practice there after Med School.

    I remember the campus. It seemed nice.

    Mostly though, I remember the Oak- something mall and the unusually large number of mullets.

    It was like the last bastion for the mullet. Mullets had fortified the place and hunkered down in a last ditch effort to save themselves from extinction. It was like an elephant geraveyard, but for mullets. It was where mullets went to die.

    And then - on that same trip - we went to the Mall of America.

    I realized I may have been wrong in my estimation of Eau Claire as the Mullet Capital of the world...

    But Eau Claire seemed nice...


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