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Friday, June 20, 2008

Alice in Chains Girl

I've never been much for trends. When I would go get my hair done at the salon that my roommate worked at, the stylists would talk about how bad they felt for me because I didn't care about my appearance. I've been rocking the grunge aesthetic for about 10 years now. When a girl finds a formula that works, why mess with it, right?

Maybe I am a little stuck in the nineties. When it comes to the trinity of grunge, I would like to publicly side with Alice in Chains, but if you like Nirvana or Pearl Jam, that's ok too. But let's take a loving look at the fabulous ladies of the decade:

Kim Deal: One could only hope to be as cool as her. Bassist for Pixies (no the in the title, please!) and founding member of The Breeders, she had style. Layers and layers of sound that obscured her vocals, there was no one else with such... je ne sais quoi.

Kristin Hersh: There is no mistaking her voice, growling, purring, breezing through time signature changes and interesting chords. You may know her from Throwing Muses, 50 FootWave, and her solo projects. This woman is a real superstar, she has four kids and continues to have an amazing creative output.

Kim Gordon: I really can't talk about music from the nineties with out at least touching on the Sonic Youth. They played cheap-ass instruments and they knew it. They mashed screwdrivers and drumsticks under the strings and invented their own tunings, did whatever they could to come up with a sound that was entirely theirs, entirely new. She's has so many side projects, it's hard to keep up. If it wasn't for the Sonic Youth, we wouldn't even have heard the Seattle sound!

D'arcy: another sexy bassist in our lineup: Ms. D'arcy Wretzky. She lent the Smashing Pumpkins an untouchable flair, that, though Melissa Auf Der Maur is an excellent bassist in her own right, the band could never really recapture after she left.

Zia McCabe: With no prior musical experience she joined The Dandy Warhols and taught herself keyboards, and off she went. Props.


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