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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Things that bug me 1/29/07

1. When Matt says "goys" instead of "guys." I mean, why does he assume we're all non-jewish? Also, Nipple Ring Dave's use of 'jew' as an insult. That slur is based on erroneous stereotypes and shouldn't apply to anyone.

2. Country Music. Enough said.

3. Winter. Prevents me from taking walks, among other things.

4. All the damn hills in EC. What the fuck, people? Why would you build a university on top of a huge-ass hill? I'm also annoyed that the cemetary is atop another gigantic hill, so my visits to it are few and far between.

5. This one's for Chris: All the damn Christian orginizations on campus. They even invite annoying conservative hateful preachers to sit on campus and yell at the top of their lungs for days. The last one I heard was comparing Feminists to Hitler, and said that the people who shop at Wal-mart are going to heaven, no matter what. Seriously: WTF, mate? There are too many Christians about; we Atheists/Agnostics/Secular Humanists need to start making some babies to combat the religious population. The trouble is, the preachers spout such ridiculous stuff everyone sits around and listens, even though they completely dissagree with their views. We shouldn't give them the time of day, but it's just too damn funny.

6. Thirsty Thursdays at 4th North. I am so sick of dodging golfballs in the fucking hallway every week. Nearly took my fucking eye out last week.

7. People who don't read. I understand that some folks can't read as well as I, but flaunting your ignorance as a source of pride perplexes me.

8. Grudges. Get the fuck over it, bitches.

9. Prudes. I like to swear up a storm. I like to drink whatever the hell I want. I don't think that porn is bad. I like to walk around naked. I like my birth control, thankyouverymuch. I don't know why masturbation's considered taboo. I like to make out with whoever the fuck I want, women included. I don't consider smokers evil. Drugs should be legal. Gay marriage should be legal.

10. False people. How do human beings like my roommate end up befriending people who stab you in the back weekly? Who lie all the fucking time? I consider Emily a great person, but her friends constantly back-stab her and take advantage of her all the time. I like genuine people, those who are unapologetically, unabashedly themselves.


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