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Thursday, January 25, 2007

No class until 3!

The only class I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays is Math 109. I thought I had Kins 196 at 2, but after sitting through the first class, I realized that my name wasn't on the attendence sheet. So today I went and had coffee with Victoria, Mac, Gay Tim, and Kelly. Not spectacular coffee, but it was better than Jazzman's.

Victoria is Fancy Shoe Guy's new roommate who he had brought to a poker game.

I think I've met almost all of my friends at the poker games.

Lucy, Amber, and Anne I had met at the tie-dye thing behind Governor's. I hadn't made friends with anyone on my floor besides April, and Emily and I just don't hang out. Amber looked like a fun individual, so I sat down next to her and told her so. As soon as I had mentioned my major, she and I talked about all the productions we had done for about an hour. Lucy and Anne came over and chatted for a while. They invited me to go bowling with them, and I went. I didn't bowl because I had shown up after the game started. Then we listened to Dane Cook in Amber's room and went to the Fiesta Del Blugold together. It's not often that you run into people and become friends with them immediately.

I met David because I had my four hour lighting lab for Stagecraft one night and wanted to eat before then. So I went to the caf and grabbed food, and it was relatively empty. I had had great luck making friends by just sitting down next to people, so I decided to sit next to David. He was wearing a tie-dye shirt, and in my expirience, people wearing tie-dye are rather fun. We bonded over pudding and random questions. He asked for my phone number, which actually really freaked me out, because I'm not used to giving my number out to guys, but we exchanged anyhow. He's been one of my best friends here ever since.

I met Dave and Jessie after I had watched Grey's with Lucy. A character's dick piercing got stuck in his ex-wife, so that prompted the question: how does one go about getting your dick pierced? Do you just lift your leg and say: Pierce me? We asked David about it, and he told us that his friend Dave had nipple rings, so maybe he had other piercings. He invited me to a poker game so I could ask him (Dave doesn't have his dick pierced BTW). And so That's how I met Nipple Ring Dave and by association Jessie, who declared after 3 drinks that I was her new best friend.

Other than that, all poker games.


  • At January 26, 2007 1:45 PM , Blogger jess said...

    lmao, oh liz, you know it wasn't the booze talking...okay, maybe it was, but it didn't turn out to be untrue! i love you, hon.

  • At January 28, 2007 11:23 AM , Anonymous Lucy said...

    And might I say, thank you for bringing me to poker games. If I hadn't gone, I wouldn't have met the greatest guy in the world. You are way awesome, don't leave !!!

  • At January 28, 2007 10:03 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    I love you guys. Seriously.
    I'm pretty sure I was shouting the other night that I wanted to have sex with you three at the same time. But my memory's a tad hazy.

  • At January 31, 2007 6:01 PM , Blogger jess said...

    haha, yes, you wanted to have sex with your three best friends, namely myself, lucy, and david. ah, you are the greatest, liz dear.


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