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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Bored. As. Hell.

I want to go back to Eau Claire! There, I wouldn't be sitting at home with NOTHING to do. I can't Even call Adam or Caroline. Or Lila.
I miss Lucy, I miss David, I miss Jessie, I miss Dave, I miss Amber, I miss Anne, I miss Maren, I miss Dylan, I miss Kelly, I miss Mikey, I miss Frosty, I miss Shari, I miss Katie, I miss Ecatarina, I miss Sara, I miss Meghan, I miss Keirsen, I miss Chris, I miss Jeff, I miss April, I miss Tracey.
I miss my college life (not so much the homework, but you know). Good news: Adam has promised to come and visit me in Eau Claire in February, around my birthday. So it'll kind of be his birthday celebration, too (we're two weeks apart). He doesn't really do much besides work and go on crazy adventures, so we must ensure he has fun (poker game!). And make him walk the hill. And get him drunk. But that goes without saying.


  • At January 09, 2007 5:18 PM , Anonymous Lucy said...

    I miss you too!! Sorry I didn't call you back the other day, I shall explain later. And in EC I pretty much just chill with either you or Chris, so I'm going a little crazy here w/o you two! lol. Amber says HI and that she loves you. BYE


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