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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Alas, poor Reginald!

I went to a dinner at Deebnphul's tonight. And, suprise! Adam was EARLY picking me up. That NEVER happens. Once, he showed up ten minutes before curtain, and was nearly slaughtered by Deeb.

'Twas great fun. They were being uber-secretive about what it was, so we were all expecting a murder mystery type deal. but what it was was this:
we were given clues to what the items we were being served were, utensils included, and we then had to fill in our menus by putting the clue number under courses. this results were...special. Steve ws served three drinks and a knife, The Tim got soup and ice cream at the same time but no spoon, and so on. And some how the conversation turned to this:

RobbieT: Hey you know what would be cool, a pet lobster.

Adam: That would be cool, we could name it Sir Reginald Nigel Harrison IV Esq.

The Tim: yeah.

RobbieT: Hey! let's go get a pet lobster!


Ok, so we didn't actually get the Lobster. we tried though. Adam, RobbieT, Moose and I went to the Wal-mart where Adam works, and picked out our Reginald, but alas, Wal-mart would not let the lobster leave uncooked. Something about liability. Disappointed, we quit the Wal-mart. Heartbroken, We ended up walking about ET smoking cigars and mourning the loss of our dear Reginald.


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