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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Back in the E-E-E-T

We left EC at about 6:30. It was snowing a bit, but nothing too bad. We dropped Travis off in the Dells, the conversation went thus:

Travis (to his phone): hey, man! what's up? Nah, I'm headed to Portage. What? You're in the Dells? ...Sweet! Which bar? see you in a bit.
(to David) ok, man, this is what you gotta do, take this exit, and there's going to be a highway, but you don't want that highway. Go straight, turn left, and look for some bar that starts with an M.

(ten minutes later)

oh. shit. sorry man we need to go back. I told you the wrong exit.

(Ten minutes later)

Shit, I think this was the wrong exit too.

(ten minutes later)

Yeah! take this one! no, wait I think we wanted the other one.

(twenty minutes later) Ok, This one is the right Exit!

This, however was not nearly as frustrating as the time we were heading back to EC a few weeks ago. that conversation went:

Travis: yeah man, I'm in some coffee shop, but I don't know where. It's by some highway, I think it's got a 9 in the number. can you come and get me?

Anyhow, about 20 miles from Madison, the Bonnie runs out of gas. The gas meter doesn't work, so basically David just guesses on how much gas he has left. He guessed wrong. Luckily, my dad was in Madison at this point and brought gas and we all got home in one piece.

I'm back at home, and I'm starting to go nuts. My sibs are totally clueless about pretty much everything. Mom's a pain in the ass, and my dad is pissy. I only have to spend a few obligatory days with them, and then I can see friends.


  • At December 24, 2006 5:32 PM , Blogger Cephalus said...

    Thursday night - went to the bar with my cousin.
    Friday night - drank for 5 hours with my family in a hotel in wausau, due to horrid snow storm.
    Saturday - drank all afternoon/night at my friends.
    Sunday - woke up at 12:30, got back home at 1. Went to bar with my family at 1:15 been drinking ever since.

    So far, about on schedule :P


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