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Friday, December 22, 2006

Sitting in P177

Sitting in P177 right now, we haven't left EC yet. Travis has decided to go donate plasma about a half-hour before we were supposed to leave, and that has delayed our progress slightly.

David has gone ADD right now, trying to stuff a twisty-tie into a socket. And now he's spinning his rings on the counter.

Good ol' Kulp has just left the room, he had to mapquest directions to someplace in EC that's basically a fifteen minute walk from here. Good luck finding it, Sir Kulp.

I'm having a slight problem typing on the keyboard in the lab, I'm usedd to a smaller one.

I'm looking forward to going home, the past three weeks have just wiped me out. I can't wait for real food, and to hangout w/ Mike, Caroline, Lila, and Adam. I'm planning on having alot of fun. Adam and I have many adventures to catch up on, and I have not seen Lila since August. Mike and I are going to play pool over break, and Caroline and I ALWAYS manage to have fun (nudge, nudge).


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