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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

English Major?

An English Major
Is really Someone
What would I do
If I had become one?

Why the hell am I not an English major? Hell, Shakespeare is my HOBBY. I feel lost without my volume of his complete works. I have been itching to read King Lear, and reading it online does not cut it.

Stealing books from me is an unforgivable sin. Damaging them is even worse.

I like to annotate. I even do it to books that I'm not reading for a class.

I'm looking for a cheap copy of 'The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women,' if anybody happens across one.

Grammatical mistakes irk me.

I want to study German and Latin just to get a better understanding of the English language. Yes, I am telling the truth.

I like Dickens.
I'm not be honest about this one, I like some Dickens. 'The Old Curiosity Shop' should be burned with out remorse. yeah, I said it. Sentimental tripe.

I beleive that anyone who says they like 'Wuthering Heights' to be a poser. There is nothing to like about that book.

I hate borrowing from the library. I want to own the book, love the book. I don't like sharing.

Buying used is infinitely better than buying new.

But I am not a writer. I hate this fact.


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