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Monday, January 15, 2007


This is the guy's last chance.
I swear on Shakespeare.

If "A Moveable Feast" is not good, I'm never reading him again. The last time was very painful. But all actors are masochists, as I see it. Therefore, I am a masochist and I am reading Hemingway.

Update: Started and Finished it today.
Not bad, if you're into books that are just one big name drop. F. Scott Fitzgerald this, Gertrude Stein that...We get that you have famous friends! It's difficult to beleive that he was friends with Joyce, why would genius hang out with a hack?
Dry prose, no passion behind it. I can see that He takes after Henry James(praised) rather than Dostoyevski (Insulted), Miller's idol. I can't bring myself to believe that he loves writing and his art, though he certainly had no trouble convincing me of his adoration of his food and drink.
Was this worth reading: no.
Will I boycott Hemingway due to this?:

No, he's bought himself some time.


  • At January 16, 2007 12:25 AM , Blogger jess said...

    fight on, sister! i've only read the old man and the sea, but it will definitely take awhile for me to get back on that horse.


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