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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So what if I'm a group stalker?

One of my little hobbies from last semester was sitting in the area by Jazzman's in Davies and eavesdropping on a specific group of people. I have been doing this since September, while doing my physics homework (guess which one I did more of). I believe this group of people to have initially been a study group and are now all friends. They like to argue about religion and politics among other interesting things. There's nerdy guy and his girlfriend(NG+NGG), little girl voice girl(LGVG), possible exchange student(PES) and other various characters. If they're in Jazzman's I try and sit as close as I can to them without being a conspicuous eavesdropper. This semester they are still hanging out, and so I can prolong my little game further.

I now realize this is slightly creepy, but I still recommend it as a hobby. You get to know people while still retaining anonymity, and it's a fun little game.

It's also more interesting than staring at strangers, unless you feel like slowly creeping someone out.

Which is also fun.

I also enjoy leaving bits of poetry around on receipts, napkins, etc. I like to think that someone will pick it up and read it before they throw it away. Unfortunately, I seem to lose a lot of good poetry this way. So if I don't publish poetry for a while, I'm either really uninspired or I abandon it to its fate.

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