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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Useless Majors Unite!

People place too much emphasis on money. They go to college to earn money later in their lives. But what about us with useless majors? I don't care about money, but I love Theatre and English Literature and am here just because those subjects make me happy(ish). The only ones who'll actually have cash in their lifetimes will be the Computer Science majors (Dave, David, Chris, Jeff, Tanya, Kevin). My nefarious plan: bum off of these guys now, so they'll be used to it when I'm homeless, and will happily lend me the couch for the night.
I'll be the crazy lady who carries around books in a huge backpack wandering the streets of St. Paul, Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago, looking for old friends who'll lend her the cost of a meal.
Actually, It's kind of cool how I have friends from all over. As long as I stick to the midwest, I can survive off of their kindness.

Ok, so it's 1am now, and I've been fucking around with this blog for a while now. I should go to sleep, or finish that damn chapter about rhetoric. That'll put me to sleep for sure.


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