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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Little for me, little for the pot, a bit more for me...

I just ate two Almond Joys and a Mounds bar. I loves me some coconut, especially when I'm drunk and on the rag (That's correct! Dance Party!).

I got to do just what I wanted this afternoon, bike ride, cooking with Caroline, and a silly movie. We made the most magic soup ever. Garlic, onion, fennel, white beans, ground turkey which I bought months ago and froze, celery, a tomato, and some stock. As an afterthought, we tossed in 'whole' wheat pasta and Kale. I remembered to salt after adding a new ingredient to the pot, to avoid repeating the egg-drop soup disaster. Next time, I'm going to throw carrots and some green beans in there too. It would be just as good without the meat, the turkey kind of disintegrated and so did the tomato. I used chicken stock, but I don't see why veg stock or water couldn't work just as nicely.

It feels so good to finish with my creative writing class. It did nothing to improve my writing. But, I have a fiction-writing class in the fall that I have high hopes for.

Bittman has a recipe for Breakfast couscous to fulfill all your couscous dreams.

I was told it was going to rain all day so I took the bus. It took 45 minutes to get home from school. And it was sunny all day.

Flipped through a book of foreign movie posters, loved it. Gilda was described as La Vedette Atomique. I think I should tart calling myself that.


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