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Monday, March 30, 2009

Losing Friends

The only friend I have made in Milwaukee is currently packing his possessions in an anticipated move to Brussels, and it really sucks.

Living in a city so large, finding people to hang out with is vicious difficult. It's impossible to meet someone who's an intellectual match, who you can talk about music and literature with without sounding like pretentious assholes who're just listing names for the sake of listing names, who appeciates good beer, and you feel comfortable hanging out and being lamepants with. I haven't found many friends through the University, or through MKE's massive bar scene. I got lucky finding friends living right across the hall from me in my new building.

I hate to sacrifice good conversation, I like to extract as much pleasure(wow, that sounds dirty) from the people I find interesting, to make the best of them. I feel that I didn't get enough time to chill with Adien and his cousin Dutch. I feel like there are so many facsinating people that I didn't give enough of my time to.


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