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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just a Big Kid ( I'll call you Betty and Betty, you can call me crazy)

I fucking LOVE the zoo. I'm just a big kid, zipping around exhibit to exhibit, and I seem to instantaneously develop ADD as soon as I walk through the gates. The zoo is endlessly fascinating, just to marvel at all of the strange creatures of the world. I look at the giraffe and I cannot help doubting its existance. Impossibly tall, knobbly legs that shouldn't be able to support anything, camel-necked (another creature that shouldn't exist) and wide spots as if a leapord's pelt had been stretched too far.

Seeing a creature like that almost makes me believe in a creator. Perhaps this is Fantastica, and there is some Prince Bastian around inventing the world as he goes. Chicago must be the invention of a madman's mind. People travel about, averting their eyes from one another, and try to deny any existance of a connection. I am annoyed that the most meaningful connection I have had in days was with a seal. He had come up for air, and we stared at each other for two minutes. I swear I could tell what was going throuh it's mind, how he felt. Human languages don't often translate into the languages of the People well, but you can hear what they are telling you, whether it be pictures or just a vibe. Yeah, I'm a total hippie, go ahead and make fun of me.

A house of total wonder, the zoo is almost like a church. A sacred eglise of life.

(The Kevlar Lion House at Lincoln Park)

I saw a woman in the lion house, an old victorian structure that was part of the original zoo, with almost victorian exhibits, I couldn't help but pity the felines interned there. This woman was likely someone's bubbie, with folded hands and bowed head murmuring to herself. She seemed to be praying. To whom? I wonder.

A couple saw me today at the lily pond talking to myself. They ran into me later in the day and asked me who I was speaking to, was it the fish? I was so embarassed that someone had seen me in such a private moment a blush actually tinged my ghostly skin. I laughed it off and said no, I had been speaking to the dragonflies. I like that people have the balls to ask another about their lives, rather than be an ant.

Went to Lila's place after. I got lost on the way there, completely missing her street and walking six blocks further than I needed. I attribute this to misreading the street sign, I read it as 'Artisan' not 'Artesian.' I hate to say it but I think my house in EC is more ghetto than her's, and her's is on the fucking southside! At least my rent is resonable and doesn't have planes flying overhead. As far as noise goes she got the shaft. You can hear the Sox Statium cannons from the Shimer dorms, and hear the traffic from Midway at the new place. It has the same vibe Godot had, a feeling that I have certainly missed.

We sat down and watched The Blues Brothers. Its so wierd seeing on film places that are so familiar. You can tell that the train that passes the place that gets blown up is the Green line, and is on the Southside. The scene with Ray Charles in that movie is fucking priceless. He pulls a gun on a kid that's tryin to steal a guitar from his music shop. Priceless. I can't believe how many famous people mad it into that film. Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, Frank Oz, Aretha Franklin, James Brown... and that's just off the top of my head. Awesome soundtrack. I'm not christian, but I want to go to a service at the church James Brown was preaching at.

I haven't puked yet this morning, but I have a feeling that'll change pretty soon, considering that I have let my body relax.


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