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Monday, July 07, 2008

Today was my first day off from the Pub in quite some time, and I spent my whole day sleeping and watching Dr. Who. It was fantastic.

Dolores, my rusty lusty Camry, has been acting sluggish lately. I attribute this to my little sister's poor driving skills, which fill me with fear. Becca is an awful driver and has her test in six days. I really hope she doesn't pass.

I didn't pass my first test. I cut somebody off, which is an automatic fail, but the woman made me continue with the entire test. I don't see why she had to get my hopes up.

Adam didn't even start driving until he'd graduated from High School. His car is named Gene Raymond, as mine is named after Dolores del Rio. They starred in Flying Down to Rio together. We're nerds.

Come to think of it, Adam hasn't made a payment on his car since November. The dealership brought up a lawsuit against him, but it was dismissed. I guess that means the car's free, at least until it gets repoed.

He sells fence parts now. The Wal-mart job sucked, but I liked all the stolen merchandise he gave me. Didn't even get fired for stealing, he was fired for being late all the time.

Lucy visits this weekend. I'm planning trips to Milwaukee, and Old World Wisconsin.

Friday, I'm touring the UWM campus to see if I'd want to transfer there. I hope I like it. If anything, I'm afraid the classwork will be way too easy for me. I don't like getting bored. I'm excited to move to a city that I like, though.


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