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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some days...

I feel incredibly dumb, and then I'm reminded of just how awesome I am. Like how well read I am, and that I can still intellegently discuss literature while inebriated
I've read:
The Fountainhead (in 8th grade)
David Copperfield (8th grade)
The Amores (8th Grade)
The Old Curiosity Shop (5th grade)
Jane Eyre (6th grade)
Nicholas Nickleby (12th grade)
The Way We Live Now (10th grade)
Gormenghast Trilogy (8th grade)
Daniel Deronda (10th grade)
The Bell Jar (8th grade)
Pride and Prejudice (7th grade)
Sense and Sensibility (10th grade)
Emma (10th grade)
Northanger Abbey (6th grade)
Les Miserables (11th grade)
Frankensein (12th grade)
Dracula (11th grade)
Bleak House (12th grade)
Tess of the D'urbervilles (10th grade)
Swann's Way (10th grade, and IT TOOK ME FOREVER)
Sister Carrie (10th grade)
Alice in Wonderland (3rd grade, I think)
Through the Looking-glass (3rd grade)
Anna Karenina (8th grade)
A prayer for Owen Meany (8th grade)


  • At November 12, 2006 1:27 AM , Anonymous Alexander Z Hahn said...

    I'm reminded of just how incredibly dumb I am. O.O Daaaaamn. I honestly can't say I've read more than 1 of those...(2, once I finish reading Jane Eyre for class this semester. O.o)


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