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Friday, February 02, 2007

One m short of Llama

We (Anne, Amber, Lucy and myself) swore to ourselves that we would look at every apartment, every option.

And then we visited the first one.

Holy shit. I want that place. It's $220/month, new washer and dryer, really nice bedrooms, a decent sized bathroom (considering we're all girls), $150 security deposit, a super nice landlord, and quiet nieghbors. It's not by the bars, and there's a bus stop a block away.

We've grown rather attached to that place in a very short time. We've even chosen rooms already. Lucy and Anne get the two upstairs rooms, Amber gets the one past the kitchen, and I get the yellow room adjacent to the living room. I hate yellow, and will likely be painting over it. We've started coming up with house rules (mostly for Amber's protection from us three wild and crazy liberals), and also figuring out what we'll need. Luckily, Chris is supplying us couches.

Poor Amber, We're going to be hell in a handbasket. We're not too keen on her having her bible study over, and she loves to play hostess. She's politically a moderate, but her values are certainly conservative. She's No-Sex-Until-Marriage, and the rest of us are We-Can-And-Will. haha...and one of us is a screamer, too. If we end up going with another place, I am sure one will arrange to walk through the Bible study session saying "Excuse me, but I'm late for my abortion." or to have loud sex in the next room. I'm so awful.

The second apartment we saw was unimpressive. One bedroom was in front of the door, the other was tiny, the porch was ghetto, rent was higher, the landlord seems like a dumbass. But the living room was huge, probably the only plus. I gave it a C-, Anne a D.

I don't care to see the next two apartments tomorrow, I want to call the first landlord up and tell him we'll take it.

And now onto my regular bitching:

No Emily this weekend! Score!

Period, yuck. And therefore no hanky-panky in my roommate-less room.

I can't afford my birth control for this month. I need to get it by tuesday, which doesn't look like it'll happen. I may have to get creative.

I can't afford jack-shit. No poker, no booze, no unnecessary coffees, no books, no much-needed sweatshirt (It is below zero for the highs this week), no laundry. At least I stocked up on food before I paid for books. It'll be better later this month when I can deposit my check, but until then I'm gonna be a weasel (and I learned from the best).

I haven't paid my semester bill yet, and don't have the money to. It would be awesome if my parents would pick up the tab like they do for my brother, but right now it looks like I'm paying my entire way through college.

I keep wanting to call L. but I don't feel entirely comfortable calling him at his dorm number. I do want to speak with him however. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet.

Am I gonna end up being the Masculine One (the Miranda) at our place? I took a shop class and can build/fix things, and Anne and Amber cuddle with me like I'm their boyfriend. I will not be the replacement for Steve/Chris. I am a fucking lady, get the fuck over it.

My indifference astounds me. Have I been so hurt in the past that I simply shut off all affection? Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy being single, but I can't reciprocate any affection shown towards me. That kind of freaks me out. I don't know myself anymore.

I'm steeling myself for the hell that is my mother's wrath. Crazy woman + Equally Crazy Daughter= ???

Eau Claire has two of the things I most detest: Cold and Stairs. And yuppies. ok, that's three things.

What to do tomorrow night? I'm not sure, but I know I don't want (and shouldn't) be alone.

And that's the news from Lizland.


  • At February 05, 2007 6:32 PM , Anonymous Lucy said...

    Lovely little blog, darling. And let me tell you, no one could even come close to replacing Chris for me... And which "one" is the screamer? I know for sure at least 2 of us are. So I'd like to know where you get your stats.


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