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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another music post (sort of)

I don't know why I haven't listened to Placebo in such a long time. The guitars are perfectly layered, the vocals fragile. I like "Without You I'm Nothing" better than "Placebo" and "Black Market Music," and I have yet to hear their later two albums. It suits my melancholy mood well.

We signed the lease on the apartment we wanted. I told my dad first, so he could soften mother up before I speak to her. Ok, so I wimped out. I'm ok with that. When Lucy got the call back from our landlord, we freaked out jumping all over each other, trying to be as silent as we could. Amber, Anne, and I piled on one another, shaking with excitement. Lucy arranged a meeting to sign the lease. It amazes me that we didn't have to bother with applications or anything. Oh well, Eliot and Victoria don't even have a lease, their landlady believes that a man's word is good as gold. It'll give Marc, Adam and I another reason to go on Goodwill adventures. I want to move into my new place right away, not 4-5 months from now.


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