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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Birthday Update

THANK YOU!! I've never had anybody make a big deal about my birthday before.
Yesterday was great. I had Chinese food for breakfast, and I picked up some groceries on the Grand Shopping Excursion.

After The Vagina Monologues, Lucy, Chris, and I walked to his apt. on Chippewa St. where, comme d'habitude, there was a poker game to be had. Jessie had bought some Malibu for us, and I decided that I could play last night. I doubled up a few times during Black Mariah, Getting pocket aces twice. Lost most of it through many an instance where my straight was beaten by a higher straight.

I think it's my birthcontrol that has prevented me from drinking as much as I used to. I puked while drinking, something that's never happened before. And puked a few times in the morning. I know it sounds weird, but that was possibly the most pleasant purge I've ever had. I had enough water in my system that I didn't feel dehydrated and I'm so glad that I crashed on the couch at Dave's. Better ten steps to the bathroom than fifty. That couch has been very kind to me this year, I'm glad Chris is letting us take it for our house.

Victoria called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday as did Amber. And total surprise: Lila called. I havent spoken to her since December, This is my first birthday in 12 years that she hasn't been there. Hopefully she will come visit me at Eau Claire, or I will go and visit her at Shimer during my spring break. I got to just chll in my room for a while, and though it sounds really boring, It was quite nice. My roommate got me a present, actually. Post-its, Chocolate and a Photo album. Now I have to start taking more photos, :)

Soon My future Roommates and I will have some cake (I should probably tidy up my room a little, and put on real clothes) and go see Little Miss Sunshine at Davies Theatre.

One more bit of proof of my weirdness: Everytime I was on stage during VM, I wanted to eat the microphone. I just wanted to crunch into it, like a big chocolate bar. Why?


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