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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Singles' Awareness Day

So it's St. Valentine's day yet again. This day was named after St. Valentine who was killed for performing christian marriges. (I have to say, marriage is one of those things that completely freak me out. Commitment in general freaks me out. I had a mini-panic attack after I signed my lease, because it meant that I had to stick with something for a year.)

Yeah, this day is commenorate death, people. A time to give ugly little hearts and valentines to people just because you feel obligated. Or if you're a memeber of the College Feminists, a time to hand out valentines stuffed with condoms, which was a shitload of fun, by the way.

This disgusting little holiday does not celebrate love, but serves to alienate anyone who doesn't have a significant other at this point in time.

Well guess what, bitches, it didn't work.

Haha, I am quite pleased being single, and I certainly prefer it that way. I don't want flowers because I hate waiting for them to die, I find cards annoying, I don't want presents from anyone. Chocolates, however, are accepted on any occasion. I don't want anything for my birthday (except booze...and if anyone wants to get me papertowels or cans of soup, I'm rather lacking in the grocery dpt).

But back to my Valentine's day bitching: I had a totally hot date tonight. And by hot date, I mean that Amber and I went to Acoustic Cafe.

Snapshots of tonight(at Dave's):

"I'm going to name each and every one of my ulcers after you"
"I'm anti-ovulation"
"The Chippewa River is made of vomit and piss"
"I wish cancer upon you"
"if x is greater or equal to n minus 1..." (I tuned the rest of that conversation out.)

Dave: congrats on cleaning these guys out, but would it kill you to relax a little?
Mack: you speak too loud, and weird is who we are, please learn to deal with that and take your homophobia elsewhere.
Spacecadet 1&2(aka Kelly): pay attention, and don't fold suited connectors.
Jessie: you're perfect, don't ever change.
Doug: shut the fuck up once in a while. Actually, just shut the fuck up.

Well, I'm getting kinda bitchy, which likely means that my caffeine rush is wearing off. I don't have to do anything until 3 tomorrow, sadly I do have to show up to Math tomorrow, but after that I'll probably only turn up to 75% of classes a week. I'm utterly sick of wasting time doing jack shit and then doing group work. I hate group work, even if it's my favorite class(i.e. English).

I desperately need to do laudry. So if you see me and I have not done it tomorrow, I want someone to smack me upside the head.

ok,here's the plan: get up 9, 10ish and start my laundry. Finish my French assignment during this. Complete Math assignments during this. Do English reading without falling asleep. Skim over 'Everyman' again. Go to class. Go to rehearsal.

And I think that is all I shall write in this, my glorified diary, tonight. Good night and Good luck.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Jeffy-poo.


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