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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Well, I'm back from my usual Tuesday morning coffee with Victoria. She paid for me, in exchange for the alcohol I gave her last night. Sadly, we're down to about two shots in the whole bottle, made even sadder due to the deliciousness of it with lemonade. Damn mine and Jessie's generousity. Oh well, Doug's offered to pay for next weekend's worth. (Note to my brother if he decides to read my blog anytime soon: Yes, I drink. Get over it, you prude.)

But this post is supposed to be about coffee.

I love hanging out with her, she always has an amazing story to tell. I find it very hard to beleive she's done everything she says she has, but They're great stories and I really have no reason to doubt her, besides her age. It's comforting to know she's been through some of the same shit I have. We usually spend a good 4 hours in the coffeeshop, almost as much as when Lucy and I get coffee together. We played two games of chess, the first game I annihilated her, the second she annihilated me. Mutual annihilation? like mutual masturbation? Transformation masturbation transfermasturbation.*

I have to come up with a presentation for my English class about l'Ecriture Feminine. I'll do that after math class, which is swiftly approaching. I skipped class yesterday, so I'm likely rather far behind.

*Credit for that line goes to Luc.


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