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Sunday, February 04, 2007

David's Bad Idea #1667

Sunday is normally the day I set aside for homework, but today boredom took over. So I called ADD boy up, to see if he was up to anything interesting. He suggested Ice Skating.

This was a bad idea.

First of all, I can't skate. I haven't gone skating in well over 8 years. Second, it was -5 degrees out, -30 with windchill. On a frozen lake with no tree cover. Now, my normal way of skating is that I skate along the wall or whatever until I've remembered how to skate, and I use it for stopping. I assume this is also Sir Kulp's way of skating, judging from his scuffle with a wall while ice skating (Poor fellow has a scar on his cheek and had a black eye). Alas, there was no wall for me to hug on this adventure. I could barely stand, while David skated circles around me. Luckily, the subzero tempuratures forced us to retreat.

And now, on our way to the BBC, his car has run out of gas 2 blocks from his apartment. I am typing this from his computer, as he and Creepy Kyle have gone to get some gas.

I talked to the paternal unit earlier, discussed the faucet in my future house, and have been commanded to send him pictures of the place. Thankfully, Lucy took some.


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