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Sunday, February 11, 2007

What am I doing here?

I'm not getting anywhere here, in regards to Theatre. I'm reading chapters on medieval theatre, instead of getting real training. RobbieT went to the Wisconsin Theatre Aduditions in Madison a few weeks ago, and he's gotten 7 PROFESSIONAL CALLBACKS. 7! The most I can get around here are six little lines. I won't be able to snag a part until I'm on Dr. Allen's good side. I didn't exactly start off in his good graces, considering he's my actual advisor in the whole advising debacle. And now I'm always late to his class, because Prof. Miller never lets us go on time. I can't get to Haas in less than five minutes. What's even more depressing than this whole thing is when I remember that Phil (of the infamous DeebnPhul) has a theatre degree and he's the worst actor I've ever seen. Kindergarteners overshadow him in terms of talent. So what the fuck am I doing? Hufford got the lead in the musical at Carroll his freshman year, and Jason's gotten sizable parts in Chicago and My First Love. Where did all my talent go? all my luck? Auditions were my favorite part because I always kicked ass, and now I dread them. The most acting I'll get to do for a long time is whatever DeebnPhul decide to give me in Lysistrata. Auditions for Betrayal are coming up soon, I should at least give it a shot, even though I know the roles will go to the most expirienced actors. Freshman don't get parts.


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