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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I have a mixed attitude towards pink.

It's a nice color and all, but I hate the connotations that come with it. Girlishness, weakness, cloying sweetness.

Pink reminds me of Barbies. Barbies are the most depressing toy next to baby dolls. I refer you all to Susan Ciseneros' "Barbie-Q." They are totally disproportionate, and when one plays with them, the scenarios are always centered an vacuous, vapid activities like shopping, parties, and fighting over men.

I never embraced the Barbie Ideal. I generally like my body and have never bothered with dieting. I'm 18, for Shiva's sake, why shouldn't I enjoy eating what I want?! I hate shopping with a passion, and though I do like to party on occasion, It isn't my life. And fighting over men? What the fuck? This gives women a skewed view of relationships, like the acceptibility to use men and vice versa.

And why is the ugliest shade of pink used for the breast cancer awareness ribbon? Good cause, but couldn't you find a nicer shade of pink?

And why can't we use a nice green shade to represent women? Why are we always assigned pink? what moron came up with that?

I'm not sure wearing pink is the best choice for the Vag-logues. Aren't stereotypes what we are trying disspell? I'm also a little shaky on why "dressing up" is based in appearing sexy. I would rather dress and look like myself, I don't find wearing someone else's low cut clothes very empowering.

But I'm in a whiny mood.


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