Perils of assimilation

If only life came with subtitles.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

If I want tequila, I now have to suck it out of my shirt.

Quick recap of my weekend:
-Beth (Auntie Moneybags) is visiting from the cities. She arrived on time (We went into major shock because of this).
-Rocky Horror. Lucy was deflowered (She was a RHPS virgin)
-Panic attack in the restaurant. I was rescued by my friends who promptly sent the pasta back to the kitchen. I have the weirdest phobia ever.
-Movies and Margaritas. Spilt tequila on my stomach. I smell fabulous.
-Anne's dyed hair.
-Broke-ness. Damn.
-Making the sick boyfriend buy us alcohol. We're so nice.


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